National Centre for Social Enterprises

The National Centre for Social Enterprises was established to carry out the Danish Government's work for more and stronger social enterprises in Denmark. The centre serves as the national portal for social enterprises and potential partners, closed by the end of 2015, but this website still.

Employees from the social enterprise are working in the field.
The centre aims at:
  • Making it easy for social enterprises to contact and cooperate with the public authorities; 
  • Strengthening the business foundation for social enterprises and entrepreneurs by providing guidance on the establishment, operation and development of their social enterprises; 
  • Providing knowledge about social enterprises to partners and stakeholders in the public, private and third sectors;
  • Working strategically for improved cooperation between social enterprises and public authorities; and 
  • Collecting, on an ongoing basis, and sharing knowledge, e.g. through – the board's shared public portal for and about social enterprises. 

Cooperation across public and private sectors

The National Centre for Social Enterprises works closely together with public stakeholders relevant to the area:

  • Ministry of Employment
  • Danish Business Authority
  • Local authorities
  • Business services
  • Job centres
  • Regions, etc. 

The ongoing contact allows the centre to provide qualified guidance and coordinate activities for social enterprises. The centre also has a strong network among the many other stakeholders working in the field of social enterprises – from knowledge and educational institutions to private consultants, investors, committees and boards, entrepreneurs and private companies.

last modified Feb 05, 2018