Initiatives to promote social enterprises

In the Finance Bill for 2013, the Danish Government set aside DKK 25 million (about EUR 3.3 million) to strengthen social enterprises.

The ability to fulfil the vision that social enterprises should solve more critical societal challenges is dependent on various initiatives.

Legislation and effective public administration are necessary to support social enterprises and the general level of awareness should be high. Furthermore, the skills of social entrepreneurs and social enterprises should be strengthened as should finance opportunities. 

Committee on Social Enterprises
In March 2013, an interim Committee on Social Enterprises was established.

In September 2013, the committee handed over its final recommendation report to the Danish Government

The report included the committee’s vision on the further development of social enterprises in Denmark, a section which:

  • Defined social enterprises
  • Described the current state of social enterprises in Denmark
  • Described 26 recommendations on how to strengthen social enterprises in Denmark.

The 10 initiatives
In September 2014, the Danish Government launched and initiated its move known as "More and stronger social enterprises in Denmark". The move is the follow-up on the recommendations from the Committee on Social Enterprises and consists of 10 initiatives.

Until Juni 28th 2015 the measures were undertaken in collaboration between the Ministry of Employment and the Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs.

To carry out the implementation, a National Centre for Social Enterprises has been established within the National Board of Social Services. Shortly the Centre will move to the Ministry of Business and Growth Denmark. The collaboration with the Ministry of Employment will continue.

last modified Jul 02, 2015