Other initiatives

In addition to the activities of the National Centre for Social Enterprises, a wealth of initiatives have been launched under the auspices of the Ministry of Employment, all helping to promote social enterprises.

Pool to strengthen local initiatives
Special funds have been earmarked for motivated and dedicated local authorities, working with and for social enterprises. Interested local authorities can apply for funds for, for instance, development of a social enterprise strategy, creating and sharing knowledge about social enterprises in the local region, etc.

The project period covers all of 2015 and is awarded by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.

Registration scheme for social enterprises
In June 2014, the Danish Parliament passed the "Act on Registered Social Enterprises'. The act allows interested enterprises to receive an official seal of approval as a "registered social enterprise" from the Danish authorities. The act is the first of its kind in the European Union.

The purpose of the registration scheme is to make it easier for customers, investors and others to find social enterprises. In addition, the scheme paves the way for monitoring the development of social enterprises in Denmark and targeting specific legislation at registered enterprises.

In order to register, an enterprise must meet five criteria applying to social enterprises.

As from 2015, registered social enterprises will be published on the website of the National Centre for Social Enterprises.

The Danish Business Authority are to manage the registrations.

Bees from Bybi

Bybi is a Danish social enterprise that givens bees a home on the rooftops of the city and trains homeless and asylum seekers as beekeepers.

Special rules on subsidised employment in social enterprises
A taskforce, with the participation of the relevant labour market stakeholders, will look into the possibilities of allowing social enterprises to have a larger share of employees on special terms.

Today, the Danish labour market regulation only allows 1 employee on special terms for every 5 employees on normal terms (1 in 10 for larger companies).
The Ministry of Employment conducts the survey.

Extension of the Social Growth Programme

Since 2013, it has been possible for social enterprises to apply for participation in the Social Growth Programme – a business development programme ("accelerator") targeted at social enterprises.

The programme paves the way for:

  • Assignment of professional business developers 
  • Camps and courses with focus on sales, organisation and management
  • Development funds – a possibility of applying for small donations for launching new initiatives in the enterprise
  • Professional advisory services on financial, commercial law and employment law conditions
  • Network through contact to local authorities, funds, lenders, enterprises.

Private partnership programme

The programme aims at facilitating the establishment and development of partnerships between social enterprises and major common enterprises. The goal is to increase awareness of social enterprises among other enterprises and to ensure competence development in social enterprises.

Social enterprises can inspire common enterprises in terms of how disadvantaged people can be integrated into and retained in the labour market. Moreover, the common enterprises can use the partnership to exercise social responsibility by supporting social enterprises, which often employ a large number of staff members on special terms.

The initiative is initiated by the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.

last modified Nov 13, 2014