Tasks of the National Centre for Social Enterprises

Information campaign about social enterprises

An information campaign about social enterprises should create a clear profile of social enterprises and ensure broad knowledge about the enterprises and their results among potential customers, investors and entrepreneurs as well as relevant authorities and partners.

In this way, the campaign must help boost the interest in cooperating with, buying and demanding products from and investing in social enterprises. Danish social enterprises and stakeholders are actively involved in this work. 

The campaign will run from the autumn of 2014 until the spring of 2015, culminating with a "social enterprise week" in April 2015.

Tool kit for measuring/documenting social impact

A tool kit for measuring and documenting social impact will be prepared. The tool kit must contain tools that can support and guide social enterprises to measure and document the social impact they create.

The aim for the tool kit is to be simple so that it can be used without requiring significant technical qualifications or much time for a social enterprise.

Moreover, it must ensure a technically reliable level and that measurements taken with it are comparable for investors, customers and partners from one social enterprise to the next. The tool kit must be adjusted to EU standards for social impact documentation.

Enhanced social entrepreneurship and business operations

This collection of initiatives serves to strengthen the development of new innovative socioeconomic business ideas and the sustainability of existing social enterprises. The initiatives include:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Award 2015, to create awareness of social entrepreneurship and the social enterprise format and to support the development of ideas and establishment of new social enterprises. 
  • an online guidance tool for the special opportunities and challenges involved in operating a social enterprise.
  • The growth challenge, to improve the access of social enterprises to networks and knowledge sharing in the traditional corporate sector.
  • an online network for social enterprises.
  • information activities about social enterprises aimed at the public industrial promotion system.

Strengthening local authority work on social enterprises 

The National Centre for Social Enterprises obtains an overview of developments in Denmark's local authority areas and delves into the specific challenges and results achieved in some of these where most progress has been made. Furthermore, the knowledge already available in the field must be collected and communicated to interested local authorities and players. 

The National Board of Social Enterprises collects knowledge in the following areas:

  • local strategies and strategic initiatives
  • local, open procedures and procurement
  • eligibility assessment of unemployed people for various programmes in social enterprises
  • documentation of social and economic impact at local level of the work undertaken by social enterprises
  • cooperation agreements and partnerships with social enterprises
  • spin-offs.

Investigating the social finance market in Denmark

The National Centre for Social Enterprises within the National Board of Social Affairs has received financial support from the EU to investigate how to develop a social finance market with several different financial suppliers offering various financing opportunities for social enterprises in Denmark.

We cooperate with Roskilde University and Merkur Andelskasse aiming at:

  • exploring and identifying social financial instruments best suited for a small open economy like the Danish
  • outlining specific models for how funds from traditional investors can be combined with funding from non-profit foundations to create a market for social investment
  • determining how to ensure a favourable environment for attracting financing opportunities for Danish social entrepreneurs, domestically as well as integrated in a broad European social finance market
  • identifying potential investors and intermediaries with a view to working towards the development of a social investment market.
last modified Jul 02, 2015